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Why Volunteer. Giving back to your community is valuable in itself, also it helps you to gain valuable life experiences and skills, meet interesting people; show colleges you are committed, and make a difference.

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National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS)    



- 10 graders or higher in student's day school
-  2  plus years learn Chinese in GWCA with good academic standing (B+ or better)
-  3  major GWCA events from Dragon Boat, Moon Festival, School Holiday Event,
       Chinese New Year (each school year)
-  2  GWCA organized community events such as nursing home visits and culture

       events (each school year)
- 15 plus earned hours from GWCA volunteer service events (each school year)
-  1  plus culture classes/club from GWCA before or after school (each school year)

Qualified students are nominated each school year in spring by GWCA-NCHS chapter advisor  
NCHS - National Chinese Honor Society 

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The President's Volunteer Service Award


"...take a look around, be inspired and take positive action that changes the world."

The President's Volunteer Service Award


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Jessica and Bryan's Origami made a difference in community 2015.04.07

Thank Letter From Volunteer of American for Clothes Drive 2014.05.19