GREAT WALL CHINESE ACADEMY (GWCA) is a Sunday Chinese school serving across metro Denver of Colorado. We are a § 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational organization based in Highlands Ranch, CO. We offer Mandarin Chinese language and cultural classes of all levels for preschool, K-12 and adult students.  We have well-trained and experienced teachers to work with students; We welcome students from all culture backgrounds to study in Great Wall Chinese Academy.

Our Mission

We teach simplified Chinese, Han Yu Pin Yin, and Pu Tong Hua. We are highly academic, students orientated, and college focused educational organization. We teach comprehensive Chinese language and culture curriculum that meets the state and national standards for Chinese Language and culture learning. We have integrated guidelines of SAT II Chinese and AP Chinese set by College Board into our core content for middle and high school years of learning. We prepare our students to face tomorrow’s world challenges.


Programs for students

¨       Chinese languages courses for PreK, K-12, college and adult students

¨       Cultural and enrichment courses including traditional Chinese dances, martial arts, instruments, origami, calligraphy, violin, and more

¨       National Chinese Honor Society

¨       Youth community services program

¨       Prep courses for AP/SAT Chinese

¨       Prep courses for SAT powered by Princeton Review

¨       Homework Club

¨       Private Tutors network


Programs for teachers

¨       Professional Teacher Career Opportunities

¨       Teachers Training Programs

¨       Apply for teachers: email your resume to info@greatwallchineseacademy.org

Perspective Students
- Fill family form online [Apply]
- Visit the school and have a free try-out
- Register courses at the school front-desk


Contact Us
Email:  info@greatwallchineseacademy.org       

Phone:  (720)583-4922

Mailbox: P.O. Box 631908, Highlands Ranch, CO80163