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Location: inside Highlands Ranch High School [map ]

Address: 9375 Cresthill Lane, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 
P.O.Box 631908, Highlands Ranch, CO80163

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2019 Chinese New Year

++++++ School Happening 中文学校活动 +++++++
2018.12.08 School Holiday Party Albums
2018.12.08 School Holiday Celebration 中文学校圣诞节活动 照片
2018.11.19 Thanksgiving Cards 学校感恩节感恩卡
2018.11.01 Chinese Students Got Talents 科州中文口语与大赛
2018.10.06 Colorado Chinese Teachers Training 中文教师培训
2018.09.29 Moon Festival 中秋活动纪实
2018.08.25 Calligraphy Exhibition 科州国际书法展览
2018.07.28 Dragon Boat Festival 科州龙舟节活动纪实
2018.07.13 Project C.U.R.E 紧急医疗援助项目志愿者
2018.07.11 Brookdale Nursing Home Visit 布鲁克戴尔养老院志愿者
2018.07.08 OCA Summer Community Event 参加美华夏日社区活动
2018.07.07 Ronald McDonald House 罗纳德麦当劳之家志愿者
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We won
Foreign Language School
Top Five 2017

Silver Metal
in Division A
Dragon Boat Race



We are a Sunday Chinese school serving metro Denver of Colorado
Teach simplified Mandarin Chinese with iIntegrated Chinese language and cultures curriculum
Provide Sunday Chinese School,  After-school Chinese Program in public schools, and Chinese private tutors
Include neighboorhood areas of Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Aurora, Englewood, Centennial, Lakewood, Castle Rock, Parker
Douglas County schools, Jeffco schools, Cherry Creek Schools, Littleton Schools, Aurora schools
Immersion Education     Billingual education

We welcome studnets from all culture backgrounds. 

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